I have a new page I’ve created at the top of the blog, entitled 2006 Prius Lifetime Gas Mileage.  In it I chronicle the lifetime history of my Prius mileage, at least to the best of my ability to do so.  I am a bit behind, and have a few more entries to input in order to be up to date; but, I’ll get there.  My prior Prius posts are here.  As time has borne out the wisdom of this purchase, I am vey happy not to have to spend as much on gas as I did a little more over two years ago, when I was driving a suburban. Continue Reading »

O.J. Gets Squeezed

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson, of cold blooded killer fame over a decade ago, is finally getting closer to life inside of a prison cell. The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that co-defendants charged in his most recent Las Vegas escapade are pleading guilty, placing more and more pressure on O.J. and his attorneys: Continue Reading »

More Prius Savings

Just a quick post–sorry no photos this time–to document my latest trip to Los Angeles, over 10/11 and 10/12/07. I made the trip on less than one tank of gas, averaging just over 55 miles per gallon. The drop in mileage was likely due to increased speed. I traveled about 60 miles per hour rather than the 55 mph reflected in the most recent Prius post; but, still 55 miles per gallon is nothing to laugh about, particularly with oil now hitting about $86.00 a barrel. America, we need to slow down, consume less, and drive smarter. Those things alone would ease demand on oil, and lower the prices. I’m doing my part–what about you? Note, the round trip from Nipomo to Los Angeles and back again is approximately 356 miles.


I drive a 2006 Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle. I have decided to change my driving habits, and this is one way that I have decided I can have some impact, for the better in helping our country become less dependent on foreign oil and consider alternative energy sources. Continue Reading »

Overall, I was pleased with California’s congressional representatives, and particularly mine, on their war funding votes.  Senator Boxer voted NO on the war funding, as did my representative, Lois  Capps.  Unfortunately Senator Feinstein voted YES on the war funding, and this is going to cost her some political support, specifically mine.  If Senator Feinstein runs again, and if she has a primary opponent I will look closely at supporting that individual rather than Senator Feinstein for the nomination.  There is just no good reason to have voted to allow George Bush unfettered, uncontrolled, and continued mis-management of this war.  I am deeply disappointed in Senator Feinstein’s vote.

Congress votes today for an Iraq war funding bill. If you oppose this war, as I do, I invite you to write your senators and representatives to express your opposition and to ask them not to vote for the current bill funding the war without any timetables for withdrawal. You can find your representative here, and your senators here. Write to each of them. Below the jump is a sample letter you could use if you are pressed for time. It is the letter I sent to my two senators and my representative: Continue Reading »

Lt. General William Odom, delivered the Democratic weekly radio address at the request of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. General Odom’s topic was the Iraq war, and he brings an impressive array of experience, which gives his message instant credibility. Continue Reading »