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Purity in Santa Maria

As I post, Michael Jackson (dressed in White–a symbol of purity?) and his entourage are leaving the Santa Maria courthouse, to the screams of 100 ‘s of adoring fans. Some folks have way too much time on their hands. Does dressing a pedofile in white cover a multitude of sins–or just symbolize more craziness in a clearly dysfunctional (wardrobes included) family–they all dressed in white (even Janet). And, why does he attend court to confront his accuser and family during pre-trial hearings? Most likely–to intimidate, dissuade, and accomplish what he apparently can’t do with money this time around. I have to admit, I have a personal grudge about what the Jackson case has done to our small town local courthouse. When Jackson comes to town the county ends up paying for extra security, and the court itself is turned into an armed camp, where you literally have to have a hall pass to use the restroom. Can’t wait till all this purity leaves town, and hopefully takes up residence further north–say near San Quentin, which ought to make his 45 minutes in the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s jail seem like a picnic.


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