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koreareu121006_548×700.jpgThe Daily Mail ran this incredible story about the night and day differences between the two Koreas. As this photo details, North Korea is literally in the dark, every night! (more…)


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Since day one (or at least the day the mission was accomplished) George Bush and those who speak for him have denied a civil war exists in that country; but, Newsweek is now reporting that Bush and his administration are planning for that civil war–the one we all know already has begun. (more…)

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Islamic radicals are over the top. Others have blogged in depth about the subject, so my post will be rather short. See the Moderate Voice for an excellent blog round up of the Islamic idiocy. The unrest is sweeping the Middle East and who knows where it might be headed. See also here, here, and here.

Most interesting is that many Islamic governments are now boycotting certain European products. Where this is headed could be very telling. In the long term, if the West were to come together over this, it is the Islamic governments which have potentially more to lose in a battle of economic might and trade. It might even be a long overdue wake up call to the West to get their economic and energy houses in order. There is no better time to become independent of Middle East oil. Let’s do what it takes, make the economic, political, and real life sacrifices neccesary to leave the Middle East to the Islamic fundamentalists who want to be left alone there.

Additionally, there are religious overtones to this entire fiasco. I have posted over at my religious blog, Messenger and Advocate my thoughts from a religious perspective.

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Check out Mark Helprin’s article on how to effectively deal with terrorism. Now here’s a guy who’s serious on the subject. John, w are ya listening? Another very good article by Helprin is here. He makes some very good points, and for a conservative thinker, illuminates serious mistakes, w’s crowd has made, and continues to make. Wake up and smell the reality!

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